How to Count Cards and Win Big – Count Cards in Blackjack

Did you know that some professional players have earned a fortune of counting cards in Blackjack? "The house always wins" one usually says, but in Blackjack it’s not always the case. In this article, let’s take a brief look at how to count cards in Blackjack and when it’s possible to beat the house. Card…

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The best places in Spain for a family trip by bicycle 

Bicycle tours are a great way to make family trips and explore the most beautiful routes in Spain. Unlike a trip by train or rental car, when you ride a bicycle you have a better idea of ​​the terrain, the sights and smells, the history, the culture and the people.  When choosing the place to take…

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Charming towns that you cannot miss in Andalusia

When we think of Andalusia, the Feria de Abril in Seville, the Alhambra in Granada always comes to mind … However, there are hundreds, even thousands of small towns scattered throughout the Andalusian geography, which are worth visiting to get lost in its streets . If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to visit…

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10 reasons to visit San Fernando

San Fernando is a town located in the Bay of Cádiz, which is affectionately known as the Island, because its name until 1813 was Villa de la Real de León. It is the fourth most populated city of Cádiz. Located between Cádiz capital and Chiclana de la Frontera, this city has a charm and unrest…

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Outrageous Spain Tips

Top Spain Choices Every country has some special and gorgeous vacation spots to provide its visitors. The 2 countries also boast some fantastic port cities. People from countries where context isn’t given much importance have to be cautious in this aspect. It’s the sixth biggest nation in the world and has the lowest population density….

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