San Fernando is a town located in the Bay of Cádiz, which is affectionately known as the Island, because its name until 1813 was Villa de la Real de León. It is the fourth most populated city of Cádiz.

Located between Cádiz capital and Chiclana de la Frontera, this city has a charm and unrest that invites anyone who visits it to fall in love with it. Here I leave the ten reasons that led me to fall in love with this magical enclave.

1. History

San Fernando was the place chosen to sign the Cortes de Cádiz in the assembly held to sign the Constitution in 1810. It has important historical enclaves such as the Royal Theatre of the Cortes and the City Council.

2. Camposanto beach

This virgin beach, 6 kilometres long, is one of the longest in Spain. It belongs to the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park, so it is a virgin beach that is protected and cannot be built on it. Only 2 kilometres of its extension are open to the public, since the rest belongs to the army.

3. Punta del Boquerón

The beach of Camposanto begins in this idyllic enclave. There are routes to travel around Punta del Boquerón that take us along a path between the sea and the marshes. If you can visit it at dawn or dusk, I recommend you do it, because it is a beauty that cannot be explained with words.

4. Museum of the Cabales

This museum restaurant is a unique enclave in which to enjoy the best Andalusian flamenco. It can only be visited as a museum outside of meal times, since they do not want the clientele to be bothered. It is one of the unique places where all flamenco singers have alternated and continue to do so.

san fernando

5. San Fernando Municipal Cemetery

Yes, as you are reading, I recommend you visit a cemetery, but not any cemetery. Camarón de la Isla is buried in this cemetery, and receives thousands of visitors a year who come to pay their respects in the mausoleum of this cantaor.

6. Nightlife

San Fernando has a lively nightlife, with a wide repertoire of places to listen to live flamenco and quieter places to have a drink. Nothing crowded like Cádiz can be in summer full of tourists

7. Royal Institute and Observatory of the Navy

Undoubtedly the most important cultural visit that can be done in San Fernando. The explanations of the tour are incredible, and the library a marvel. It is worth visiting not only for its interior, but also for the exterior architecture.

san fernando

8. Sancti Petri Castle

This castle, built to protect the Bay of Cádiz, is located on an island in front of the coast of San Fernando. It has been restored a couple of years ago, and the views from here with stunning.

9. Outdoor Activities

San Fernando has a wide range of outdoor activities, from routes designed in its green areas, to canoe rides through the Caños de San Fernando

10. Carmen and Salt Fair

If you come to San Fernando in July you cannot miss your biggest holiday. With a week of festivities at the Magdalena Fairground, the streets are filled with stalls and festivities. And on the big day they take the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of the city, in procession.